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No I haven’t forgotten about Makeup Monday’s…..but May kind of took us by STORM here.  We were preparing for Kara’s wedding and YES we did lots of makeup but missed posting.

Kristi and I were at one of our favorite places…..Ulta Beauty…..and JT (our favorite makeup artist who works there) flagged Kristi down.  The Napoleon Rep was there from Chicago doing demos and of course JT had some colors picked out for Kristi.  She was SOLD on how great her skin looked and purchased the foundation and the setting powder…..and then I had to listen to her brag about how great she loved the foundation for the next several weeks.

I finally gave in once my old foundation ran out and purchased the Foundation Stick.  Even though it’s a cream type of foundation – I’m amazed at how well it stays on and the Matte finish it gives an “oily” girl like me.  It’s a double duty foundation that offers a buildable coverage and a great concealer.  They have a wonderful primer that works great and cuts the red tones.

Check in out……

Foundation Stick

Have a GREAT week.

Shelly : )