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It’s the NEW YEAR and most all of us are looking for something fresh and new.  Something to get us through these often dreary winter months…….LONG months might I add as there’s no more 3 day weekends till Memorial Day!!!

Now is the time to try some new lip and eye colors or work on new techniques.  Wild Style’s “Contouring like Kim” is right around the corner…..this Wednesday in fact.  You get your choice of a daytime class (Noon – 1 pm) or an evening class (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm).  It’s a tutorial style class so…..that means you can either just watch and take notes..OR bring your own products and follow along.

How many of  you use a Brow pencil or cake?  I hated my brows in junior high.  Like most girls – I fought the “Unibrow”.  Now that I’ve “matured” (we’ll just leave it at that!) my brows have thinned out and need “filled in” to look their best.

I know, most of you are thinking (or just said) “I don’t need one more step in my makeup routine”.  Oh but you at least try it and see the difference it makes.  Defined eyebrows can make you look younger : )

I had used an eyebrow pencil off and on for years….actually it was Mary Kay Cosmetics Blonde eyebrow pencil.

Last year I decided to have some fun and try a wax and powder product.  After checking them out at Ulta and deciding I didn’t want to invest to much money…..I purchased NYX brow kit.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong as NYX products are always priced great.  I have really enjoyed starting out on this kit and I LOVE the results you get from a wax and powder.  In my opinion these 2 Steps are actually easier to use than just a brow pencil.



Kristi has been using this one for quite some time and I’ve been thinking about switching.

Just purchased this goody today and can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to use it.


image (2)


Make it a GREAT week.

Shelly ~