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It’s been a BUSY summer with LOTS happening.

We are SO excited about our upcoming lineup…….

 FALL Makeup Classes

Join us in the Studio on Tuesdays – starting September 8th – to brush up on your Beauty Skills

There’s 3 times to choose from  11:30am-12:30pm  *  1:30-2:30pm  *  5:30-6:30pm

$15 per class OR $45 for the series.

Seating is limited and you must register in advance…..

email:    www.booking@wildstyledc.com

BASICS…..it all starts with the Basics – September 8

This is a GREAT class for everyone.  We will talk about…..skin care, primers and foundations…..and all the options out there..so you can present your best face every day!  This is a GREAT class for your teen!


Brows, Contour/Highlight and Flushed Cheeks – September 15

We will focus on Brows….different types of arches, techniques and products to get that new Fall ….natural brow look.  We’ll follow that with contouring and highlights to conceal or reveal your best features.  Cheeks for Fall are “flushed” and we’ve got it covered.


Eyes like never before – September 22

We will prep and prime that delicate area.  Personalized by eye color, eye shape and age!  We will do it all….Natural look with just a touch of color, Cut crease that everyone loves, Sultry smokey eyes…..and we won’t forget liner.  Walk away with a weeks worth of looks!


LIPS  – September 29

This is the “icing on the cake”!  It can be just gloss, a nude lip or a bold color.  Whatever you want it to be.  We’ll prep and prime and learn how to make those lips last.  We’ll talk primers, liners and highlighters and you’ll get to use it all!

Makeup Mondays

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Getting Married?………Know somebody who is?

Be sure and get signed up for       BRIDAL BOOT CAMP happening March 22nd



What is Bridal Boot Camp??????

It’s definitely NOT another Bridal Expo.  Instead it’s an interactive Bridal Workshop Instructed by Industry Experts…..Evolve Fitness, Kenton Row, Honeymoon Headquarters, O’Dear’s and Wild Style Design Company.  You will learn how to perfect your Body, Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe and more as you plan for your BIG day.


Go to www.wildstyledcstudio.com TODAY to sign-up and we’ll give you a deal……..Buy one ticket for YOU and we’ll give you a FREE ticket for your Mother or MOH to join you.


Listen to our AD on Hits 100.7

Makeup Mondays

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Happy Monday……Wow we are already into the month of February!!

February is the most romantic month of the year so here at Wild Style Beauty & Arts Studio we are calling February

“A Month of Kisses”

80-90% of us apply some type of lip product to our lips daily…….

Lip balm

Lip gloss

Lip tint

Lip stain

Lipstick ……

Is it – moisturizing, satin, sheer, matte, cream, pearl, frosted, gloss, long-wearing or transferresistant ??

WOW lots of options and lots to think about.

Be sure and sign up for our February 11th class.  You have a daytime or evening option.

email us at:  booking@wildstyledc.com

You will learn everything you need to know for a kissable pucker – from lip care and prep to the finishing touches….

and just in time for Valentines Day!


While you’re waiting for the class – here’s some FUN lipstick history…..



Make it a GREAT week.

Shelly ~

Makeup Mondays

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Happy Monday!!   The past two months I’ve been concentrating on getting my lipstick to last.  I have found that there’s a few more steps to that than just applying a lipstick.  It starts will prep……exfoliation and primer.  Here’s 2 primers that I’m very happy with……..  NYX – I use that one everyday.  Elf has a primer at one end and plumper at the other.  A primer really makes a difference in helping your lipstick to last.


One of my favorite gifts in my stocking this year was this little jewel……

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – it will last all day.  This is only the Kat Von D product I have and it will NOT be the last!

Kat Von D

This weekend I ran across a new Rimmel product and was pretty intrigued when it said “16 Hr. Kiss proof lip colour….I just had to have it.  Rimmel makes some great products and we’ve been using their lip liners and gel eye liner for quite a while now.   Low cost but high end.  This product is a 2 step all in 1 tube …..  step 1 is the color and step 2 is Lock & Shine.  I chose 230 Kiss Fatal.  Kind of a berry wine color.  It lasted all day and my lips ever felt dry.




Don’t forget about our upcoming February classes……..A MONTH OF KISSES

Makeup Madness



Make it a GREAT week.

Shelly ~



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It’s the NEW YEAR and most all of us are looking for something fresh and new.  Something to get us through these often dreary winter months…….LONG months might I add as there’s no more 3 day weekends till Memorial Day!!!

Now is the time to try some new lip and eye colors or work on new techniques.  Wild Style’s “Contouring like Kim” is right around the corner…..this Wednesday in fact.  You get your choice of a daytime class (Noon – 1 pm) or an evening class (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm).  It’s a tutorial style class so…..that means you can either just watch and take notes..OR bring your own products and follow along.

How many of  you use a Brow pencil or cake?  I hated my brows in junior high.  Like most girls – I fought the “Unibrow”.  Now that I’ve “matured” (we’ll just leave it at that!) my brows have thinned out and need “filled in” to look their best.

I know, most of you are thinking (or just said) “I don’t need one more step in my makeup routine”.  Oh but you do..so at least try it and see the difference it makes.  Defined eyebrows can make you look younger : )

I had used an eyebrow pencil off and on for years….actually it was Mary Kay Cosmetics Blonde eyebrow pencil.

Last year I decided to have some fun and try a wax and powder product.  After checking them out at Ulta and deciding I didn’t want to invest to much money…..I purchased NYX brow kit.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong as NYX products are always priced great.  I have really enjoyed starting out on this kit and I LOVE the results you get from a wax and powder.  In my opinion these 2 Steps are actually easier to use than just a brow pencil.



Kristi has been using this one for quite some time and I’ve been thinking about switching.

Just purchased this goody today and can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to use it.


image (2)


Make it a GREAT week.

Shelly ~







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The weather outside is frightful……..but talking “Makeup” is so delightful.  Corny??….a little.  True??…..ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Do you know Wild Style Beauty and Arts Studio is holding some awesome classes?  Last month I took Kristi’s class “Hot Holidays” and WOW was it awesome.  We talked about the Naked Palettes…..1 2 and 3!  We learned how to do a Smokey Eye and then had a choice of a Nude Lip or a Berry Ombre Lip.  The morning class chose the Berry Ombre Lip and the evening class chose the Nude Lip.  I loved them both.

I must I say ran straight to Ulta and purchased a few of the products used.

My new favorites right now are……..

Benefit’s High Brow


Rimmel Cherry Kiss Lip Liner AND East End Snob Lip Liner

Cherry Kiss

Too Faced Never Enough Nude

Never enough nude

Be sure and get signed up for our next class  “Contour Like Kim”  January 14  12:00-1:00 pm OR 6:30-7:30 pm.  Check out the details and how to sign up at


Make it a GREAT week.

Shelly ~

Makeup Mondays

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Ombre has become very popular this year…..ombre clothing….ombre hair and ombre lips.  Like everyone else I love browsing and posting on Pinterest.  I’ve posted lots of ombre lips that you can find on my Makeup board.

The easiest way to try these:

Apply concealer to your lips

Line with a RED or BURGUNDY lip pencil.

After lining – shade the lips about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way in on both sides….bottom and top. (so just the middle of your lips have concealer showing.

NEXT – you can do 1 of 2 things……

1.  Cover the entire lip with gloss


2.  Apply lipstick (same color family) to the entire lip

Either way your lips should look lighter in the middle.

Check this video out on You Tube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15RKAprcsyE

Ombre Lips Tutorial with 3 Different Styles

Make it a GREAT week.
Shelly : )

Make Up Mondays

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I purchased this on-line about a year ago.  I had read some reviews and really wanted to try the NYX brand.  I decided to order it for my Freelance Makeup Kit and paying under $30. for it….if I didn’t like it – no great loss.

Turns out it never made it to my Freelance Kit…..it sits right on my beauty station at home and I use it everyday.  The pigment quality is great.  I love the colors.

Make it a GREAT week.

Shelly : )


2013-05-20 22.53.052013-05-20 22.52.50





Makeup Mondays

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No I haven’t forgotten about Makeup Monday’s…..but May kind of took us by STORM here.  We were preparing for Kara’s wedding and YES we did lots of makeup but missed posting.

Kristi and I were at one of our favorite places…..Ulta Beauty…..and JT (our favorite makeup artist who works there) flagged Kristi down.  The Napoleon Rep was there from Chicago doing demos and of course JT had some colors picked out for Kristi.  She was SOLD on how great her skin looked and purchased the foundation and the setting powder…..and then I had to listen to her brag about how great she loved the foundation for the next several weeks.

I finally gave in once my old foundation ran out and purchased the Foundation Stick.  Even though it’s a cream type of foundation – I’m amazed at how well it stays on and the Matte finish it gives an “oily” girl like me.  It’s a double duty foundation that offers a buildable coverage and a great concealer.  They have a wonderful primer that works great and cuts the red tones.

Check in out……

Foundation Stick

Have a GREAT week.

Shelly : )



Make Up Monday

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While in Nashville last weekend for my daughter’s bachelorette party, we stopped by Opry Mills Mall and I headed straight for the makeup store.  I already knew what I wanted because I had passed up these beauties at Ulta in Bloomington.

I picked up 2 of these at Opry Mills…..Acoustic and Encore.  Encore is the one shown in the pictures below.

This is Stila’s Countless Color pigments. Each one is a piece of art in itself.  They are hand pressed and baked.  There’s endless ways to use these and because of that, it may be the only shadow you need to pack on your next weekend away.

There’s 3 shades in every pan.  You can use them individually, blend two shades that are side by side for custom colors, swirl a brush in a circular motion to create one pop shade or swipe the brush across the product to create a unique multi-shade streaked effect.

There’s 10 different pans…all provide intense color in a pearl formula and are very long wearing.

A girl can never have too many of these.

2013-05-12 20.46.592013-05-12 20.46.03

Make it a GREAT week.

Shelly 🙂